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Samuel E. Kahng
The Ecology of Mesophotic Coral Ecosystems in Hawaii
Samuel E. Kahng | Associate Professor of Oceanography, Hawaii Pacific University, Hawaii
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Dr. Kahng's research interests revolve around coral reef ecology. In general, he is interested in how life history traits and physiology relate to the ecological strategies of dominant benthic organisms. Of particular interest are the ecological and physiological mechanisms that enable deep-water, photosynthetic corals to thrive where the dominant, shallow-water reef building corals become light limited. The ecology of this “twilight zone” where skiophilous (shade loving) fauna readily compete for space with photosynthetic organisms is poorly understood despite the large amount of nearshore habitat within this depth range. He is also interested in the environmental limits of dominant organisms and the mechanisms underlying those limits. Gaining insight into these issues will enable better forecasting of ecosystem response to global climate change (e.g., ocean acidification, warming, etc.).

Other research interests include coral reef carbonate chemistry, fisheries management, and the ecology of precious corals.

Invited Speach
The Omics in the Ocean – The 7th International Symposium for Marine Biology and Biotechnology
National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium (NMMBA)
Date:3 Oct 2016
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