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Sci-Tech Vista

Welcome to the new Sci-Tech Vista, a popular science website created and maintained by the Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST).

Trying to promote scientific knowledge among the public, not only does the MOST publish the monthly popular science magazine Science Development, it also funds numerous popular science-related activities, science contests, and science lectures every year. To preserve the fruitful results gained from various types of popular science activities and to facilitate the public's access to scientific knowledge online, the MOST decided to establish a popular science website known as “Sci-Tech Vista,” This website was completed in the fall of 2007, and it formally began public operation in January 2008 after several months of testing and revision.

Sci-Tech Vista is an integrated digital platform aimed at making science a part of the cultural fabric and everyone’s lives. Since its inception, Sci-Tech Vista has accumulated an abundance of popular science resources. All of the videos, articles, and lectures are freely available to those who wish to enjoy science. The continued growth in the number of its total visits shows that Sci-Tech Vista has become increasingly popular among the public.

The rapid emergence of smart handheld devices in the past few years has profoundly changed the social ecology of the Internet. Blogs, social networking sites, and audiovisual websites employing the Web 2.0 concept are flourishing, and their powerful interactive functions and social linkage are thoroughly transforming people's Internet usage habits. With the aim of more effectively disseminating Sci-Tech Vista’s wealth of content to the public, the MOST has decided to redesign it by using Web2.0 tools and technologies. We believe that the sooner we make this transition, the more viewers Sci-Tech Vista will reach worldwide.

The MOST has also established fans' pages on Facebook and Google+ in a bid to increase public awareness of MOST-sponsored popular science activities. In addition, the MOST has launched a dedicated channel on YouTube, why not come visit our channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/scicircus via any desktop computer, laptop, or any mobile device to experience and be enthralled by the scientific feast for the eyes and ears.