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Service  Policy

I. Explanation
The Sci-Tech Vista website shall provide various services ("this service") in accordance with these terms of service. These services shall include popular science activity (lecture) information, popular science articles, video, lectures, e-bulletins, publications, and interactive games, as well as study hour certification mechanisms for digital classes aimed at teachers and civil servants, commonly used Web 2.0 website and application tools, such as Facebook, Google+, and YouTube, and newly-added interactive and online community functions allowing the rapid transmission of information via sharing.
When you begin to use the services or complete registration, this indicates that you have read, understood, and agreed to accept all content of these terms of service. The Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) shall retain the right to revise or change the content of these terms of service at any time, and shall announce changes and revisions on this service website. You are requested to regularly watch for any changes or revisions. If you continue to use this service after any changes or revisions, it shall be deemed that you have read, understood, and agreed to accept the changes or revisions.
In order to protect your rights and interests, if you are under 20 years of age, you are asked to use this service or complete registration only after you have jointly reviewed and agreed to these terms of service with your legal agent or guardian. If you continue to use this service are complete registration, it shall be deemed that your legal agent or guardian has agreed to these terms of service; likewise in the case of any revisions.
II. Ownership of rights
The MOST welcomes all persons (regardless of whether they are members) to freely browse the content on this website, including data, articles, video, and lectures. The ownership of the copyright to content published on this website, including but not limited to written works, images, video, and text, shall belong to the MOST or other data provider including but not limited to those persons uploading data (including written works, images, video, and text) in the name of a copyright owner licensee after authorizing the MOST. Users may freely use such content within the legally-permissible scope for nonprofit purposes. However, users may not change any content, may not defame or disparage any published content, and must note the source.
The programs, software, and website designs employed in this service, including but not limited to data, information, images, files, website frameworks, and webpage designs, shall in all cases constitute intellectual property rights legally in the possession of the MOST or other rights-holder. Such intellectual property rights shall include but not be limited to patent rights, copyrights, and proprietary technologies. No persons may willfully alter, reproduce, disseminate, issue, publicly announce, perform reverse engineering on, or perform reverse assembly of such intellectual property. If you wish to quote or reprint the foregoing types of information, except when clearly permitted by law, you must in all cases obtain the prior written consent of the MOST or other rights-holder in accordance with law. You must fulfill your duty to respect intellectual property rights. If you commit any violation, you must bear responsibility to this website for compensation of damages (including but not limited to legal expenses and attorney's fees).
III. Links with third party websites and content provided by third parties
This service may provide links to other agency or unit ("third party") websites. The respective agency or unit shall bear responsibility for the corresponding third-party website in all cases, and such websites shall not be within the scope of this service's control and responsibility. The MOST shall not guarantee the effectiveness, correctness, appropriateness, or integrity of any retrieval results or external links. You may retrieve or follow a link to some inappropriate or unwanted website; if this happens, this service recommends that you do not browse that website or quickly leave the website. You must also agree that the MOST shall bear no responsibility for compensation for any damages you may suffer from linking to any foregoing such websites not affiliated with this service.
This website shall not bear responsibility for guaranteeing any software or data downloaded when you are using this service or from a third party website linked with this service. To avoid suffering losses (such as damage to your computer system or loss of stored data), you must consider and judge the appropriateness, effectiveness, correctness, and integrity of the foregoing software or data, and whether it violates the rights of any third party, before downloading. This website shall bear no responsibility for compensation in the event of any losses of this type.
This service may cooperate at any time with other agency or unit third parties ("data providers"), which may provide their own content, including news, information, articles, video, and activities, to this service for posting, and this service shall note the source of such content in all cases at the time of posting. Based on the principle of respect for the intellectual property rights of content providers, this service shall not perform any substantial review or revision of content from such content providers. You should make your own judgments concerning the correctness or authenticity of such content, and the MOST shall not be held liable for the correctness or authenticity of this type of content. If you feel that certain content is inappropriate, infringes on others' rights, or contains falsehoods, please directly contact the data provider to state your views.
IV. System interruption or malfunction
This service may experience an interruption or malfunction, which may cause you inconvenience during use, data loss, error, or falsification by others, or other economic losses. You should adopt your own preventive measures when using this service. This website shall not bear any responsibility for compensation of any damages caused by your use (or inability to use) the service.
V. Removal of content
This website trusts the good intent, correctness, and legality of content published by data providers. This website shall bear no legal responsibility for damages to any electronic information system or other system caused by downloading this website's content. If the content of this website contains any illegalities, or a third party has attached written information claiming right to such content, in order to maintain the correctness and legality of content, this website shall have the right to remove the information in question without prior notice. However, users shall be aware that this website does not bear responsibility for guaranteeing the good intent, correctness, and legality of content.
VI. Contributions to this service
If you provide any ideas, recommendations, or proposals ("contributions") concerning this service, and notify the MOST, you should understand and agree that:
  • Such a contribution may not constitute a specific secret or proprietary information, and shall not infringe on a third party's reputation, privacy, copyright, intellectual property right, or other right.
  • The MOST shall not bear any explicit or implied responsibility for the confidentiality of such a contribution.
  • The MOST may have an idea or proposal similar to the contribution question that it is in the process of considering or developing.
  • The MOST may use (or choose not to use) the contribution in any medium using any method for the public interest or to publicize or promote this service.
  • The contribution shall automatically become the property of the MOST, under the condition that the MOST shall bear you no responsibility. You shall have no right to claim any form of compensation or recompense from the MOST under any circumstances.
VII. Termination of service
This website may at any time terminate use of this service if a user violates these terms of service or for other legitimate cause. In addition, if use of this service has been terminated, this website shall bear no legal responsibility to the user or any third party, and the user shall bear all responsibility for any damages that have occurred due to termination of use.
IX. Proper law and court with jurisdiction
In all cases, the explanation and application of these terms, and any disputes concerning these terms, shall be handled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China, and the Taiwan Taipei District Court shall be the court of first instance.