This website is based on the design principle of accessible webpage. The layout of this website is basically divided into four areas: the menu links at the top, the major content at the left, the recommended information links at the right, and the common information links at the bottom.

The following keys are set as the Access keys (or speed keys) of this website:
Alt+U: Top Area including links to Sitemap, the MOST, Chinese Version, and RSS.
Alt+C: Left Area showing the major content of each page (while Left Area of Homepage showing
   HOT, Spotlight and Focus features)
Alt+R: Right Area of each page providing links to recommended specific content, Popular Tags,
   Category, etc. (while Right Area of Homepage showing Insight feature).
Alt+B: Bottom Area providing the common information such as About This Site, FAQ, Privacy
   & Security Policy, Copyright Note, etc.
Alt+S: Site Search.